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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Hi All,

Here we are, all back in Mongolia, writing the postcards for our Kickstarter Backers and preparing the rewards so it can all be sent off this month. In between an exciting glance at the Europe map, slowly starting to plan the trip – Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Belgium and Barcelona at the end of April, start May. Any advice on people to meet, art studio’s to visit, galleries to talk to …. is more then welcome!

In the mean time Van is in her last 3 weeks of shooting for the short documentary before heading back to Beijing for the editing time. Eya is preparing the summer show for Nomad Wave  and an Autumn art forum with BlueSun. Dermee is preparing a solo exhibition at Xanadu Gallery for the end of March with performances and paintings related to the Horn sculptures.

We wish you all a happy Tsagaan Sar (White Month)