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Dorjderem Davaa (aka Dermee, 1981) is a Mongolian contemporary artist, whose oeuvre includes paintings, installations, sculptures and photography. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Ulaanbaatar in 2005 with a painting degree and has since been an artist member of the ‘Blue Sun’ Contemporary Art Group.

In 2008 Dorjderem won the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the APB Foundation Signature Art Prize in Singapore with his conceptual sculpture ‘Voice in the Space’. The work demonstrates the potential of Mongolia’s new generation of young artists, who prefer unconventional expression to traditional themes. His use of genuine Mongolian materials, such as leather, skin, and horn is challenging. The artist successfully takes advantage of the natural texture, shape, and flexibility of these materials. Although Mongols are renowned for their strong ties to and intimate knowledge of nature, the innovative use of organic substances is not popular in Mongolian modern art.
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